Friday, September 20, 2013

Tabata Tuesday Review

Hello! Okay, so it's not Tuesday but with my crazy schedule I haven't been able to post about my Tabata Tuesday workout until today. Let me say, however, it was worth the wait! My butt was sore for 2 days after this workout and it only took 25 minutes!!! With great friends to complete the workout and an awesome playlist I had SO. MUCH. FUN.
As usual with Tabata all you need is a repeated interval timer! For each circuit set it to 8 rounds of 20s on and 10s break.

Tabata Tuesday Workout 1
1. Burpees & Mountain Climbers
2. Forward Lunges* & Jump Squats
3. Jump Rope & High Knees
4. Push up-to-a-T* & Supermans
5. Jumping Jacks & Skaters
6. Reverse Crunches & Standing Pikes
*Can add intensity by holding a pair of dumbbells 

Here is the playlist I used!
Upbeat Playlist!
1. Danza Kuduro by Don Omar
2. E.T. Katy Perry + Kanye West
3. Mean by Taylor Swift
4. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
5. Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
6. Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus
7. Wavin Flag'
8. Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti & Spearhead
9. Let me Love you by New Yo
10. Stronger by kanye West
11. On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons
(This is a great cool down/stretch song)


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