Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th everyone!
Let me just say, these past couple of weeks have been absolutely wonderful!
I spent last Wednesday-Saturday with the wonderful Geddes Family and some friends from GT at Amelia Island!
Bekah, me, Seth, Serena, and Katie
I went on some wonderful bike rides, runs along the beach, and great food and time with these people! Thanks for a wonderful couple of days! Let's go back!

Monday night I caught up with one of my best girlfriends, Bailey, who is studying abroad in South America. This girl is super fit and healthy. She's also one of my running gal's, together we completed the Disney Marathon last January. Holla for both finishing in under 4 hours!

I miss you so much, Bailey, and I can't wait until you come back to America!

Yesterday I woke up to heavy rain, which was not very motivating for me to drive to the gym, so instead I opted for Jillian Michaels's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Workout video. This is 55 minutes long, and a slower pace than most of her workout videos, but still gets me super sweaty and elevates my heart rate. The video was a great recovery after an intense BodyPump on Tuesday!
Check the video out for your self!

I worked the afternoon shift at the bread bakery I work part time at. I always bring healthy foods with me to the bakery, because it's a very tempting place (carbs on carbs on carbs)! For lunch, I whipped up a very random, whatever-I-have-in-the-fridge salad. It included squash, zuchini, bell peppers, banana peppers, peas, edamame, and artichoke hearts. I also threw in one of my favorite veggie burgers, the "Simple Truth" vegan burghers, which have 21 grams of protein in each! I love the Simple Truth brand, it's Kroger's healthy-story brand, so it's affordable and yummy! The edamame is by Simple Truth, as well.

After work, I did a cool down run with my good friend Thomas who ran the Peachtree Road Race this morning (Go Thomas!). Ironically, the running clothes I grabbed before going to work were UGA colors (Thomas goes to UGA and I go to GA Tech, rivals!).

A quick visit to my wonderful friend and practically my mother, Gayley, and then I headed home.

My gym this morning, surprisingly, was open so Sammi and I headed there for a great workout. It ended up taking a while, but since it's a holiday, why not for a long workout?
20 Min elliptical, Ab Circuit (modified from one off of, and 20 min bike.
JJ=jumping jacks and JR=jump rope

Wooh, we were tired after this!
Now off to start the 4th with breakfast (and more importantly coffee!!!)

What are your plans for the fourth? Are you getting some exercise in?


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