Monday, July 1, 2013

New House and New Peanut Butter

I've been MIA recently with moving to a new house and vacationing in Amelia Island (more to come about my fantastic vacation), but I promise exciting posts are on their way, for now some updates : )!

First off, my family and I are almost moved in to our new home in the suburbs of Alpharetta! And of course I am most excited about the beautiful waiting-to-be-used kitchen:

Now for a food update! I was browsing the shelves of my local Walmart for peanut butter, a staple in my diet, and as I was reaching for my go-to Skippy All-Natural, I came across something I had seen before but never tried: Naturally More Peanut Butter
This peanut butter is blended with flax seed and flax oils to provide Omega-3's and 9 grams of protein (Skippy only has 7/serving)! With only 130 calories from fat, which is actually on the lower side for peanut butter's and all natural I was defiantly willing to give this a try, and goodness I am glad I did. Although the oil separates and so much mixing is needed before eating, the preparation is worth it for this creamy spread with bits of crunchy flax seeds! I will be buying more when this runs out. I still got Skippy All-natural, because I love the creamy, original taste, but I have an extra peanut butter to incorporate into my favorite breakfast now.
Current favorite breakfast:
Peanut butter of choice + Plain Rice Cakes (Gluten free!) + bananas = a breakfast that is delicious and keeps me filled and provides great post-workout fuel.

This is actually the breakfast I ate this morning after completing a cardio-circuit at the gym with a good friend of mine, Sammi. Thank you Julie for the workout!
We started with 25 minutes on the bike, then did the cardio circuit, followed by 10 more minutes on the bike. I was surprised at how sweaty I was after the circuit and felt good!

After a workout and breakfast I have been moving items into the new house and now it's time to study! Be back soon and try some Naturally More Peanut Butter : )


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